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Integrity in all we do.

Craven & Associates, LLC was established in 1979 by the late Jack Craven. Today, Craven & Associates proudly represents many of the nation’s leading manufacturers that, together, offer comprehensive, quality products for all markets. Whether a first responder or a private company managing a fleet of vehicles or field staff, your wireless communications are crucial to your organization, Craven & Associates stays at the forefront of evolving technologies and works to ensure your unique needs can be met in any situation. We currently serve Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.




Products & Technologies

Craven & Associates works closely with the nation’s leading manufacturers to customize solutions for our customer’s pain points. We provide the following products & technologies.

• Emergency Responder Radio Systems (in-building)
• Turn-key Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
• Dispatch Consoles
• Test Equipment
• Commercial Two-way Radios
• Remote Monitoring Radio Systems
• VoIP Communication Consoles
• Atomic Time Systems
• Coax Cable Assemblies & Antenna Accessories
• Radio Frequency Signal Surveys & Final Commissioning
• Communication solutions for public and private applications




Proudly providing expertise to a wide variety of organizations

Fire Departments (rural, suburban, and large metropolitan)

Emergency Medical Services

Local, County, and State Police Departments

Department of Homeland Security

Numerous private organizations



For over 30 years Craven and Associates has worked with numerous organizations in the public and private sectors to ensure their cellular communications systems stay at the forefront of evolving technologies. Partnered with the below industry leaders, we can provide you with customized solutions and keep your lines of communication clear.


Etherstack is a specialist wireless technology company that for over two decades has been providing air interface protocol stack software (waveforms) to defense and wireless equipment (LMR) manufacturers around the globe.  Etherstack developed  the world’s smallest, lightest, self powered P25 Phase One compliant tactical repeater – the GoBox. This can be used standalone or configured as a wide-area network solution. A second product, the IVX “push-to-talk” client for the vehicle, provides PTT services back to command and  control via traditional narrowband radio networks or by  tunneling native narrowband radio over 3G/4G  cellular or tactical SatCom.


Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, CSS Mindshare, LLC is a subsidiary of Communication Systems Solutions, Inc (CSS).  Its founding owners, have been in the two way radio dispatch markets since the mid 1990’s and dispatch in particular since the late 90’s. Mindshare has a proven track record of engineering and manufacturing reliable, cost effective and scalable communications dispatch solutions.


Bird is recognized as the expert in RF communications, measurement and management providing innovative RF products, systems, services and educational solutions to the wireless industry.  It serves broadcast, cellular, government, land mobile radio, medical, military, and semiconductor markets. Bird provides the physical infrastructure used by government agencies, public safety forces and the private sector.


Started in 1974 and formerly TecNet International, Maxon America, Inc. is an industry leading supplier of two-way and data radio products for North and South America.





BridgeCom Systems is located in Smithville, MO and its mission is to provide customers with a communication solution that fits a need and provide high quality customer service. BridgeCom specializes in the development and sale of communications equipment for land mobile radio, amateur radio, commercial radio and RoIP (Radio Over IP) solutions.


ABR Industries LLC formed to service the two-way (RF) communication markets. With over 35 years of experience, we clearly understand the importance of providing prompt deliveries, excellence products, and a knowledgeable customer service department all at a competitive price.




DeltaNode, a Bird Company offers Fiber based distributed antenna systems (DAS). DeltaNode’s DAS covers 88 MHz to 2.7 GHz and is available in several dynamic ranges to support occluded areas in building, tunnels, and or outside applications such as large venues like stadiums, hotels, convention centers or smaller venues.


Sage has become a leader in the telecommunications and wireless test industry. Sage’s field test sets, automated test systems, local loop test systems, and automated wireless test systems are used worldwide by leading telecom and wireless providers, manufacturers, and end users.




TASC Systems provides a suite of Management Tools for Industrial Grade Radio Networks. They specialize in overseeing that your vital radio communications and distributed control systems are operating in range, efficiently and properly. TASC serves a broad range of industries, both public and private sector. They offer complete solutions from application specific sensors, low-power remote site platforms, extensive backhaul options and integrated software products.


Since its inception in 1993, FreeWave has been recognized as a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of wireless data solutions that are trusted for mission critical applications around the world. Customers rely on FreeWave products for industrial, municipal, utility and recreational applications. The unmatched quality, versatility and reliability of these radios support uses in locations worldwide.


Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communications solutions and services since 1968.  Clear-Com innovates market proven technologies that link people together through wired and wireless systems.


Wireless Supply manufacturers and offers products specifically for the wireless communications market with a focus on DAS deployments, small cell deployments and general wireless deployments. Wireless Supply offers top quality products at wholesale prices.


TimeMachines is a growth driven technology company producing high quality, value-added, and user-friendly ntp time servers with gps technology, power over ethernet digital clocks and wifi digital clocks. We deliver real-time customer support and technology products within the time server/poe and wifi clock specific market, along with our newest product called “StrikeFirst” ( gostrikefirst.com ), which is our all sports competition score clock, ideal for sports such as Taekwondo, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling and more.